Hacking for Beginners: The Ultimate Guide For Newbie Hackers (2016) [WWRG]


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Hacking for Beginners The Ultimate Guide For Newbie Hackers (2016) [WWRG]
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Publication Date: October 23, 2016

Language: English


Master Computer Hacking Quicker Than You Thought!

If you are looking for a comprehensive guide about hacking, this is the book for you! Its pages are full of up-to-date and detailed information regarding the art/science of hacking. Read it now to start your hacking journey!

In This Book You'll Learn...

How to identify the different types of hackers

How to identify the different kinds of malicious programs

How to compile, decompile, and corrupt codes

How to attack buffer overflows

Using the Metasploit framework

Installing virtual machines on your computer

How to find the vulnerabilities of your targets

And much much more!

This eBook will teach you how to hack computer systems. It will provide you with tips, ideas, tricks, and strategies that you can use to attack others or protect yourself. Basically, this book will discuss what real hackers do. Why would you want to obtain that information? Well, knowing how hackers attack helps you protect yourself better. You may also use your hacking skills to help people in improving their digital security. Hackers who help others are called “white-hat” or “ethical” hackers.

Just like other things in life, hacking tools and skills are inherently neutral. These things become good or evil depending on the person who uses them. You may choose to become a security professional after reading this book. Or you may want to become a “black-hat hacker” and wreak havoc in the digital world. It’s up to you. Keep in mind, however, that malicious hacking is punishable by law.


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