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[dream-pop, indie-pop] (2017) Lost Horizons - Ojalá [FLAC,Tracks] {100.XY}


Posted on February 15, 2018 in Music » Misc

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(2017) Lost Horizons - Ojalá [FLAC,Tracks]
13 - The Engine.flac   47.73 MB
04 - Asphyxia.flac   32.43 MB
10 - Give Your Heart Away.flac   30.95 MB
01 - Bones.flac   26.83 MB
08 - The Tide.flac   26.55 MB
09 - I Saw the Days Go By.flac   26.11 MB
05 - Reckless.flac   26.06 MB
03 - Amber Sky.flac   24.75 MB
02 - The Places We've Been.flac   24.61 MB
14 - Winter's Approaching.flac   23.74 MB
06 - She Led Me Away.flac   23.71 MB
11 - Score the Sky.flac   22.89 MB
12 - Life Inside a Paradox.flac   22.54 MB
07 - Frenzy, Fear.flac   19.4 MB
15 - Stampede.flac   15.36 MB
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(2017) Lost Horizons - Ojalá

Coinciding with Bella Union’s 20th year, label-runner Simon Raymonde, formerly of Cocteau Twins, presents the debut of his collaboration with drummer Richie Thomas, a former member of bands including Dif Juz and the Jesus and Mary Chain. Calling themselves Lost Horizons, they feature nearly as many guest vocalists as tracks on the 15-song release, titled Ojalá (Spanish for “hopefully”). With Raymonde having already demonstrated his good ear with his label, the duo handpicked a compelling group of nuanced voices for the album, including ex-Midlake frontman Tim Smith, Lanterns on the Lake’s Hazel Wilde, and Marissa Nadler. The latter is one of only two singers taking the lead on two different songs here, the other being Hilang Child, aka indie singer/songwriter Ed Riman.

Contrary to seeming disjointed or belonging to the category of various-artists collections, Lost Horizons put forward a set of relentlessly poignant and pensive songs via a mix of haunting balladry and restrained, headphone dance-rock. In an example of the latter, Ojalá opens with “Bones,” which features textured guitar, piano, and hazy synths alongside an active rhythm section and vocals by a Kate Bush-evoking Beth Cannon. In this vein, “Life Inside a Paradox” is one of the album’s livelier entries, with full drum kit, syncopated electric guitar, and a brisk vocal delivery by Cameron Neal of Horse Thief, with Sharon Van Etten on backing vocals. Still, they’re in the company of sustained shimmer and repeated, ruminative lyrics about wasted effort and the passage of time. Elsewhere, “The Places We’ve Been” is a dream poppy track with the bright-voiced Karen Peris (Innocence Mission), and “The Tide” offers an artful, Bowie-esque vocal by Phil McDonnell (Night Engine). Also quietly grooving, “Reckless” features the tuneful rapping of Ghostpoet. Ojalá closes with a pair of sparer piano tracks sung by Nadler and Wilde, respectively. With much of the album born of improvisation, with the voice tracks added last, the final song, “Stampede,” only implies tempo and form. Intermittent trumpet solos alternate with Wilde, who seems to ask the trumpeter questions, like “Is this your soliloquy or just another drunken speech?,” before the song and record end on an unresolved chord.

Elegant from the first minute to its 70th, Ojalá is an essential album for fans of Raymonde-affiliated projects like Snowbird and This Mortal Coil, and is among his and the year-in-indie’s most exquisite works.


01 - Bones.flac

02 - The Places We've Been.flac

03 - Amber Sky.flac

04 - Asphyxia.flac

05 - Reckless.flac

06 - She Led Me Away.flac

07 - Frenzy, Fear.flac

08 - The Tide.flac

09 - I Saw the Days Go By.flac

10 - Give Your Heart Away.flac

11 - Score the Sky.flac

12 - Life Inside a Paradox.flac

13 - The Engine.flac

14 - Winter's Approaching.flac

15 - Stampede.flac

Country: UK

Genre: dream-pop, indie-pop

Media Report:
Source : CD

Format : FLAC

Format/Info : Free Lossless Audio Codec, 16-bit PCM

Bit rate mode : Variable

Bit rate : ~537-886 Kbps

Channel(s) : 2 channels

Sampling rate : 44.1 KHz

Bit depth : 16 bits

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