MarginNote X Pro 2.7.5 MAC OS X - ReleaseLoad

Posted on September 13, 2017 in Software » Mac

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MarginNote X Pro 2.7.5 MAC OS X -
MarginNote X Pro 2.7.5 MAC OS X -   44.97 MB

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MarginNote X Pro 2.7.5 | Mac OS X | 45.6 MB.

It is a powerful reading tool for students. If you are a student, a teacher, a researcher, a lawyer or someone with a curious mind to learn,it can help you organize quickly, study and manage large volumes of PDFs and ePubs. All on a learning application lets you highlight PDF and EPUB, take note, create mental map, review flashcards and saves you endless switching between different applications.


intuitive and elegant interface

Feature-rich and easy to use

His notes in the visible range

Arrange all cards notes by sliding gestures and intuitive drag in outline

Place all your note cards in a space big mental map to make your creative brain

Hashtag functions and powerful search all notebooks

Flash cards repetition space as Anki

perfect sync with Dropbox and Evernote

ICloud sync books

OmniOutliner export, iThoughts, Anki

news v2.6

Updated video demo Tips.

Blackboard in the book animation scribbles record audio, then you could play audio and animation while scribbling.

Press to delete the highlighted blur.

Record audio while performing other operations.

Second tap to edit the title mindmap or schema.

New option to select the text character limit (the default is Word).

Cut paste.

Combine notebook.

Move multiple cards mindmap to another branch.

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