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Windows 10 V1709 Lite Edition V6 X64 2018 Preactivated [Soft4Win]


Posted on January 12, 2018 in Software » Windows

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Internal Files

Windows 10 V1709 Lite Edition V6 X64 2018 Preactivated [Soft4Win]
Windows.10.Lite.Edition.v6.x64.2018.iso   2.44 GB
ReadMe - Soft4Win.txt   460 Byte
Soft4Win - Get Software For Windows Here.url   126 Byte
Like Us On Facebook.url   135 Byte

Hash Code



Quote:For More Releases Visit :-



General Info :


Build Version:16299.192

Author: WhiteDeath



Languages: English

Size:2.43 GB (2,617,311,232 bytes)


Edition: Professional


Features:Net 3.5

Preactivated:6 months

Lite Edition Features
Diffrence bewteen win 10 pro and Win 10 Lite edition

Lite Edition Is faster

Lite Edition Better Perfomance

Lite Edition Better Boot Time

Lite Edition Smaller Size ISO

Lite Edition Fast Installation

Lite Edition No More Telemetry

Lite Edition Its Close too LTSB

Lite Edition Change Features
Now all Features components like

Print scrint pdf and install languages online is available.

Also IE11 is untouthch....

You Can install Languages using Windows settings or any way you like!!

Also Windows update working so far im tested it.

Note:Use rufus for create bootable..

Removed Components
Removed: Microsoft | volsnap.inf

Removed: 3DBuilder

Removed: Accessibility tools

Removed: Advertising.Xaml

Removed: Auto-Rotation Manager

Removed: AutoPlay

Removed: BingWeather

Removed: BioEnrollment

Removed: Cache and temp files

Removed: Contact Data

Removed: ContactSupport

Removed: ContentDeliveryManager

Removed: Cortana

Removed: CortanaListenUIApp

Removed: DesktopAppInstaller

Removed: DVD Play

Removed: Ease Of Access Themes

Removed: Kernel Debugging

Removed: LockApp

Removed: Manifest Backup (WinSxS\Backup)

Removed: Manual Setup

Removed: Messaging

Removed: Microsoft3DViewer

Removed: MicrosoftEdge

Removed: MicrosoftOfficeHub

Removed: MicrosoftSolitaireCollection

Removed: MicrosoftStickyNotes

Removed: MiracastView

Removed: NET.Native.Framework.1.3

Removed: NET.Native.Runtime.1.3

Removed: NET.Native.Runtime.1.4

Removed: Office.OneNote

Removed: On-Screen Keyboard (Accessibility tools)

Removed: OneConnect

Removed: OneDrive

Removed: Other Themes

Removed: Paint 3D

Removed: People

Removed: Photos

Removed: PlayReady

Removed: Retail Demo Content

Removed: Screensavers

Removed: Setting Sync

Removed: Shared PC mode

Removed: Skype ORTC

Removed: SkypeApp

Removed: SmartScreen

Removed: Sound Themes

Removed: Sounds (Default)

Removed: Speech TTS

Removed: Steps Recorder

Removed: StorePurchaseApp

Removed: System Restore

Removed: Text prediction

Removed: Tips (Get Started)

Removed: Unified Telemetry Client (Asimov)

Removed: User Data Access

Removed: User Data Storage

Removed: VCLibs.140.00

Removed: Volume Shadow Copy

Removed: Wallet

Removed: WindowPicker

Removed: Windows Backup

Removed: Block Level Backup Service Engine

Removed: Windows Biometric Service

Removed: Windows Disc Image Burning Tool

Removed: Windows Error Reporting

Removed: Windows Insider Hub

Removed: Windows Mixed Reality

Removed: Windows System Assessment Tool (WinSAT)

Removed: WindowsAlarms

Removed: WindowsCalculator

Removed: WindowsCamera

Removed: windowscommunicationsapps

Removed: WindowsFeedbackHub

Removed: WindowsMaps

Removed: WindowsSoundRecorder

Removed: WindowsStore

Removed: Xbox App

Removed: XboxGameCallableUI

Removed: XboxGameOverlay

Removed: XboxIdentityProvider

Removed: XboxSpeechToTextOverlay

Removed: ZuneMusic

Removed: ZuneVideo

Removed: Speech Recognition

Removed: Tablet PC

Removed:Windows Defender

Updates Packages Removed :

Update package removed:KBKB777778 | App for contacting Microsoft Support

Update package removed: KBKB777778 | Cortana, text-to-speech, and Narrator for English (US)

Update package removed: KBKB777778 | Cortana, text-to-speech, and Narrator for English (US)

Update package removed: KBMicrosoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-TextToSpeech-en-us-onecoreuap-Package

Update package removed: KBMicrosoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-TextToSpeech-en-us-enduser-Package

Update package removed: KBMicrosoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-TextToSpeech-en-us-WOW64-enduser-Package

Update package removed: KBMicrosoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-TextToSpeech-en-us-WOW64-onecoreuap-Package

Update package removed: KBMicrosoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-Speech-en-us-onecoreuap-Package

Update package removed: KBMicrosoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-Speech-en-us-enduser-Package

Update package removed: KBMicrosoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-Speech-en-us-avcore-Package

Update package removed: KBKB777778 | Cortana and speech recognition for English (US)

Update package removed: KBMicrosoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-Speech-en-us-WOW64-onecoreuap-Package

Update package removed: KBMicrosoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-Speech-en-us-WOW64-enduser-Package

Update package removed: KBKB777778 | Cortana and speech recognition for English (US)

Update package removed: KBMicrosoft-Windows-TextPrediction-Dictionaries-en-Package

Update package removed: KBKB777778 | Handwriting and pen for English (US)

Update package removed: KBKB777778 | Handwriting and pen for

Few Notes Before Download:

1) There is a glitch when doing installation nothing too worrie but doing the installation you will cortana unfortunely i cant remove cauze everytime i did the start menu got stuck and was useless...

2)notice this need 4GB like all OS and one alteast good cpu ..please dont ask about if the games will be better or worse cauze is OS will do the same job with the rest OS....yes the installation and the boot is fast cauze i have move the applications of microsoft and dont use the memory they used...

3) yes you can install languages and from what i test and the features updates i hope be right..

4)if you have problem and get error in middle of installation just remove .xml from setup files

5) if you dont like startisback just download other third party tools

6)dont ask everytime if is possible reinstall microsoft application..everything is removed cant be come back period ...

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